We Value People: Litzy Moran

Having joined the organization a little over a year ago, Litzy Moran has made significant strides as a Human Resource Specialist, helping to create an environment that prioritizes the well-being and professional development of every employee. 

Educational and Professional Beginnings 

Litzy began with IHC Scott (now the Great Plains Division of WW Clyde) in July 2022 when she joined as an intern. Her passion for HR emerged as she completed her degree at Aims Community College.  

“I had finished my business marketing and management degree and was interviewing for jobs,” Litzy said. “I noticed that IHC Scott was looking for an HR specialist. I read the description and said to myself, ‘Okay, this looks pretty interesting.’ So, I took my shot, and the rest is history.” 

Litzy’s connection to the company is deeply rooted, and as an individual from a family of immigrants, Litzy has found the position particularly fulfilling. 

“My relatives have worked with IHC Scott as subcontractors for 20 years,” Litzy said. “As a bilingual person and the child of immigrants, assisting the 80% Hispanic/Latin workforce here feels like I’m supporting my parents. What I love most about my job is helping others.” 

Litzy’s mission is to always help her colleagues when they come to her, ensuring they have the support and information they need. Yet, it hasn’t always been easy. Being the first in her family to venture into the corporate world has meant navigating uncharted waters on her own. 

“Since I’m the first in my family to attend college and work at a corporate job, I haven’t always been able to go to them for advice,” Litzy said. “But I’m grateful to always have friends and trusted sources here at WW Clyde that I can turn to.” 

Transition and Transformation 

With the recent merger of WW Clyde and IHC Scott, the company underwent an adjustment that presented numerous challenges. But according to Litzy, it has been a welcome change to work through. 

“The atmosphere in the office has been completely different,” Litzy said. “It’s been hard, but good. Everyone has been involved with the adjustments—from field laborers to leadership. Executives’ doors are always open, and they always welcome new input.” 

Litzy has noticed a renewed enthusiasm among employees and improved collaboration following the merger. It has elevated the pride that employees feel to work for their company. 

“When you pass a construction site and see your company’s work, you feel pride,” Litzy said. “You say, ‘I built that—that’s how I’m Building a Better Community.’ I’m glad that’s happening with our employees here in the Great Plains Division.” 

Litzy’s contributions in her field haven’t gone unnoticed. 

“Litzy has a great attitude and is eager to learn and grow,” said Garrett Updike, Director of Human Resources at WW Clyde. “She is passionate about helping and supporting all of our team members. While she is relatively new to the HR field, she is learning fast and has a great career ahead of her. She is an important part of our team!” 

Looking to the Future 

As she looks ahead, Litzy has ambitious goals. She wants to further her education while continuing her career in the HR department at WW Clyde. 

“I really want to grow into a leadership position someday,” Litzy said. “I’m so glad that WW Clyde is willing to support me in my career development and help me be the best employee I can be.”