We Value People: Vicky Johnson

There are countless team members at WW Clyde who work diligently behind the scenes to make sure day-to-day work runs smoothly. Among them is Parts Purchasing Assistant Vicky Johnson, who has been with the company for 16 years.  

Vicky’s Career Progression 

Vicky started in December 2006 as an administrative assistant in her department, with an interest in mechanics and construction, it motivated her to progress to her current role. It is a position she has grown to love. 

“My favorite part of my job is the atmosphere,” Vicky said. “I also love being around the people here. I genuinely enjoy coming here every day. It is easy to keep a good attitude day in and day out when you love your job.” 

A Valued and Integral Team Member 

One of her colleagues, Cody Mitchell, believes that Vicky has played an instrumental role at WW Clyde, stating, “She consistently gives the company an outstanding performance. Vicky always carries a positive attitude and is excellent at her job. She keeps things going and always keeps productivity up.” 

And Conner Cooper, Parts Manager, agrees. “Vicky has been a great asset to our department in the 12 years I’ve known her,” Conner said. “She was able to quickly learn many of the job process from her time spent in the field at a Moab paving job. She applies that knowledge to ordering parts, coding invoices, timecards, and even making equipment stickers. 

“Vicky drove dump truck with pup and worked as a hotshot for a previous employer, which has really helped her know the best vendors to work with and what parts are needed when equipment breaks down. She is a great asset for us.” 

Multi-Faceted Evolving Roles 

Vicky spends her days working alongside the mechanics, welders, and CAS (Clyde Administrative Services) employees handling various purchasing, inventory, and administrative tasks. 

Always Giving a Full Measure 

Vicky embodies the values of WW Clyde, and one of them resonates with her deeply—”Always Give a Full Measure.” 

“I’ve seen firsthand how others have always given their all to the job, and I try and do the same,” Vicky said. “I am just as committed to giving my best in every task I undertake. 

“It is exciting to see how our jobs operate with that value in mind. I enjoy watching how our projects start out as a pile of dirt and then end up as a beautiful road or building.” 

Apart from her professional commitments, Vicky also cherishes her role as a wife, a mother of three, and a grandmother to seven grandchildren. As Vicky looks forward to retirement in the next few years, she plans to enjoy the time spent with family. 

“I’m living in the moment for now,” Vicky said. “It is an exciting time to be at WW Clyde. Including our acquisition of Blount Contracting in Arizona, we have grown so much. And it is great to know I fit in so well here.”