WW Clyde Safety and Inspection

WW Clyde navigated the 2021 calendar year without any recordable incidents. Over 825,000 hours of work were documented without any recordable injuries during the 12-month span.

In recognition of its efforts, and as the subsidiary of Clyde Companies with the best internal eMOD score (construction safety rating) in 2021, WW Clyde was awarded the Best Safety Score at a recent annual employee event.

Additionally, WW Clyde was honored with national Associated General Contractors (AGC) Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) accolades in March.

One of Clyde Companies’ top priorities is providing a safe place for everyone to work, and at WW Clyde, our people are our most important assets. And since the construction industry is full of variables that can affect the safety of employees, keeping them safe for an entire year is a monumental achievement in the history of the company.

“Our employees are making good decisions and leading safety in a way that keeps our people going into work safe and coming back from work safe,” Dustin Olson, President of WW Clyde, said. “Whenever we’re successful, it’s because our people have made it that way.”

To continue its focus on safety in 2022, WW Clyde is providing its employees with additional safety training to help minimize accidents in the workplace. WW Clyde will strive to be incident-free again in 2022.