Excavating 160,000 cubic yards of dirt to expand the landfill

The Sweetwater Solid waste Disposal district working with Sweetwater County are going to turn the Rock Springs landfill into a regional facility that would serve a host of southwest Wyoming communities. To accommodate the increased amount of solid waste, they have expanded the current landfill area.

The expansion project required the following:
• 160,000 cubic yards of excavation
• 32,000 sy of 60 mil HDPE liner
• 32,000 sy of bentonite clay liner
• 32,000 sy of geonet
• 2,000 linear feet of 8″ to 18″ HDPE pipe
• Miscelaneous culvert boxes and electrical pumps
The excavated material was processed and stockpiled for future use as backfill when the solid waste is buried.