I-70 to I-15 interchange bridge deck connector bridge deck demolition

The Interstate 70 to Interstate 15 Bridge Deck Replacement project primarily involved the replacement of both the bridge deck and parapets, addressing structural deficiencies and enhancing safety. It also encompassed the rehabilitation of the bridge’s columns, rejuvenating their integrity and prolonging their lifespan. 

Not stopping at structural enhancements, the project extended its scope to encompass aesthetic refinements, including repainting the bridge. The girders received significant updates, incorporating the latest in bridge technology to enhance load-bearing capacity and overall durability. 

Through meticulous planning, precise execution, and extensive traffic control, WW Clyde successfully completed the project on time and within budget. The I-70/I-15 Bridge Deck Replacement project exemplifies WW Clydes commitment to transportation infrastructure excellence, offering safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing bridge crossings for the community. 

Overall Safety of the Project: 

To ensure a safe job site with zero recordables, the team incorporated a stringent safety meeting calendar. Job of the day training, along with regular tailgate and monthly mass safety meetings, played a crucial role in ensuring that all workers were well-informed and updated on safety procedures. These practices fostered a culture of constant vigilance and education, equipping the workforce with the knowledge and tools to prevent accidents. This focus on safety and training helped this project complete with zero recordable incidents in 29,046.25 manhours. The WW Clyde team also implemented an updated fall protection system for the individuals working on the bridge, using the most up to date methods to keep the team out of harms way. 

Overcoming Challenges & Teamwork

The WW Clyde Team’s remarkable success in the face of versatile challenges exemplified their unwavering commitment to teamwork and innovation. Managing major traffic control on a dynamic construction schedule at the intersection of two of the most utilized major interstates demanded unparalleled collaboration and adaptability. The team skillfully accommodated fluctuating traffic flows, ensuring minimal disruptions while keeping safety a top priority for the public, as well as the team. Additionally, the project’s scope required work to be carried out during the winter, when unusually high precipitation posed a formidable challenge. WW Clyde’s ability to navigate these unprecedented weather-related challenges with a cohesive team effort showcased their resilience and problem-solving skills. Their dedication to safety, effective communication, and the ability to overcome dynamic obstacles underscored the project’s overall success, transforming an intricate and high-traffic construction scenario into an example of exceptional teamwork and execution. 

Innovation & Contribution to the Industry/Community

WW Clyde’s adherence to tried-and-true methods ensured a seamless and efficient execution of the project. Their innovation shone through in their extensive traffic control efforts at the intersection of two major interstates. In the face of fluctuating traffic flows, the team demonstrated remarkable adaptability and ingenuity, mitigating disruptions while prioritizing safety. Beyond their direct contributions to the industry by “building a better community”, WW Clyde’s commitment to keeping the community moving smoothly exemplifies their dedication to enhancing not only their projects but the quality of life for all those who rely on these critical transportation routes. Their ability to balance tradition with innovation and create a lasting impact on both the industry and the community underscores the remarkable contributions of this project. 

Construction Quality & Craftsmanship

In the I-70/I-15; Bridge Deck Replacement project, WW Clyde demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each aspect of their work adhered meticulously to the project specifications, showcasing their dedication to ensuring a product the owner wants. What truly set them apart, however, was their ability to meet these high-quality standards while working under the challenge of an unusually snowy winter. Despite historically high snowfall, WW Clyde’s team exhibited resilience and expertise to complete the project within the allotted timeframe. This not only underscored their craftsmanship but also demonstrated their capability to overcome adverse conditions and deliver a high-caliber result, ensuring the infrastructure’s longevity and resilience, even in the face of nature’s challenges. This exceptional work reflects their reputation as a leader in the construction industry, and a contractor that will do what it takes to finish the job well.