Kennecott Waste Rock Removal Project

East Waste Rock Expansion and

The East Waste Rock Expansion project consisted of two contracts as part of a massive modification endeavor. Scope for the Bulk Earthwork contract included stripping the topsoil for increased stability and use in future reclamation, and then approximately 12.5 million cubic yards of soils were excavated, hauled, and stockpiled in preparation for the Pipe and Structures contract. Throughout the project approximately 12,000 cubic yards of non-acid reactive rock was placed. Existing cut-off walls and other collection systems were demolished and removed. All work was done while maintaining operation of the existing contact water drainage system.

Project Scope

Scope for the Structures and Pipe contract included removal of 9 existing cut-off walls that were intercepting acid mine drainage, removal of the existing upper collection pipeline, installation of 11 new walls, branch and mainline collection pipelines and their associated structures, and demolition of existing process piping and the installation of new pumps and process piping. The combined total pipeline ranged from 8” to 36” in diameter with a combined total length of approximately 60,769 linear feet. Work also included new roads, toe drains, canal tie-in structures, inlet/outlet structures, and a settling basin.