Provo to Orem, UTA Bus Lane Expansion Project.

The Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement project is a massive undertaking, combining planned construction projects and pooled resources from UTA, UDOT, and local communities into one multi-model project. The project is located along two of the most highly utilized arterial roadways in the entire state of Utah – University Parkway in Orem and University Avenue in Provo. The goal of this project is to provide roadway improvements, transit improvements, and other non-motorized improvements at various locations serving multiple adjacent communities.

The project’s roadway improvement component includes roadway widening, bridge replacement, installing pedestrian-friendly crosswalks and improving various intersections along University Parkway and University Avenue. The project will:

– Widen University Parkway, 800 East to University Avenue, adding one new lane in each direction.
– Replace University Parkway bridges over the Provo River.
– Make intersection improvements on University Parkway at 200 East, Main Street 800 East and 230 North and in Provo at Freedom Boulevard, 400 West, University Ave. and 300 South.

The result of this project will be dedicated bus lanes in the center of these arterial streets as well as roadway widening to accommodate a general purpose lane in each direction and intersection improvements. There will be various transit roadway improvements on city owned facilities.

The transit portion of the project will also include station platforms that will accommodate level boarding, signal prioritization technology, platform canopies, seating, off-board fare collection, and other amenities to create a system that provides fast, reliable service throughout the Provo and Orem areas.