The project’s main work is the widening of Weld County Road 5, which runs from Weld County Road 10 to Erie Parkway, spanning about 5,300 LF North and South. Running East and West, the project incorporates a newly built neighborhood road, Flora View Drive, which is a span of about 2,000 LF.

For WCR 5, IHC Scott will construct a raised median, vertical curb & gutters, detachable sidewalks, back of curb drains, and a bike lane to further improve transportation for students, teachers, parents, and visitors.

In conjunction with the widening of WCR 5, IHC Scott will complete a similar scope of work on Flora View Drive, except excluding a raised median and bike lane. Since it is a neighborhood road, the drawings ask for widened meandering sidewalks and spacious street parking, giving people easy access to the homes at Collier Hills.

In addition to pouring concrete and paving asphalt on the two roads, IHC Scott will be installing underground utilities. Once this project is complete, the town of Erie will have 5,900 LF of 12-inch Main Waterline, 2,678 LF of 16-inch Main, 287 LF of 8-inch waterline, along with a combination of 28 valves by next summer. Only 438 LF of sanitary sewer will be installed because of the existing sewer that IHC Scott will tie into. A total of 4,534 LF of RCP will also be installed in Flora View Drive and WCR 5. Those RCP will consist of 15-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch to ensure quality draining soon.

Erie Colorado is a beautiful area and IHC Scott values the people of the town. Overall, this project will benefit the citizens of Erie tremendously. Erie is experiencing heavy school traffic, and the completion of this project will provide efficient traveling. Not only that, but parents will feel safer letting their children walk or bike home from school. IHC Scott will provide a finished project that will be the best in quality. This project has faced numerous difficulties, but our word is our bond, and the dedication of teamwork will get it done. Moving forward, we’re excited and look forward to helping this community flourish.