Deep foundation digging

Honing our skills from German Masters

In 2016, we began the process of implementing a new drilling technique using segmental casing. At first, it seemed to take longer than open-hole methods, but segmental casing proved to be more efficient and far safer. Ready to commit, we headed to Germany to learn from the masters. The curve was steep, but Blount crews trained until everyone could skillfully apply the new drilling technique on our job sites. The hard work paid off in safer working conditions, improved quality, and no additional time.

Check out our segmental casing video here.

Tough Projects, Innovative Solutions

We have decades of experience that have helped us serve the Arizona markets, and we’re constantly gaining new knowledge to serve our partners. As a part of the WW Clyde family, we now offer clients an even broader range of experience. With our shared culture of delivering on tough projects and providing innovative solutions, we can better serve our customer base in the Western U.S.

On a recent job for a hospital in downtown Phoenix, our design won us the bid during the early procurement process. Our client wanted a tunnel under an active hospital, and unbeknownst to us, the other bidder said it was impossible. Not only did we build the 11’ by 9’, 210LF tunnel with multiple 45°bends to miss existing foundations, but we also completed the basement and the tunnel simultaneously so that subsequent scopes of work would not be interrupted.