Despite obstacles in recent years posed by COVID-19, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions, a partnership between IHC Scott and Core & Main helped the companies lay more pipe on jobsites than any other contractor in the Front Range in 2022. 

IHC Scott and Core & Main procured and shipped almost 107 miles of water, sewer, and conduit pipe (542,722 linear feet), totaling 2.8 million pounds of pipe. This equates to an impressive 10,436 linear feet of pipe per week and over 2,000 linear feet per workday. 

The numbers themselves speak volumes. Challenges included soaring material prices, extended lead times, and worldwide shortages of essential components, but IHC Scott, along with Core & Main, remained committed to their contracts by providing customers with “Performance as Promised.” 

“I am still in awe looking at what we accomplished last year,” said Jason Verkler, Outside Sales Representative at Core & Main. “I truly believe this is one of the best teams in the business! As always, I appreciate the partnership IHC Scott and Core & Main has built over the years and look forward to many more successful years.” 

This accolade helps IHC Scott cement its position as the leading choice for contractors in the Front Range. With a shared vision of Building a Better Community, IHC Scott and Core & Main look forward to even more successful years ahead.