We value people: Lance White

Success hinges not only on skill and expertise in today’s construction environment but also on the ability to develop teams that can overcome challenges. Lance White, Area Manager of Construction at WW Clyde, understands this well. 

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Lance has built a reputation from his leadership and knack for creating cohesive teams. When Lance White received a call from former vice president Randy Blount offering to discuss a potential opportunity at WW Clyde, he had no idea that he would accept and that many opportunities would follow.

“I had heard of Randy before this meeting but didn’t really know him personally,” Lance said. However, it turns out that Randy had already done his due diligence. 

“During the interview, Randy mentioned he had seen me having lunch with some of my former colleagues,” Lance said. “Later on, Randy approached them and asked about me. It was truly humbling hearing Randy tell me about the feedback he received from this crew. It means even more now because the crew followed me over to WW Clyde and have helped us start a concrete division from scratch.”

A core group followed Lance over to help build the division at WW Clyde, and Lance is grateful that he has been given the opportunity to continue Building a Better Community with them.

“I was initially intrigued by the company’s values,” Lance said. “It became clear that these values were more than just words on a wall; they were lived and breathed by everyone at WW Clyde. The company truly prioritizes people, and I think more and more people are starting to see that.” 

The genuine sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among WW Clyde employees struck Lance hard. From the field workers to the management team, everyone valued each other’s contributions and treated one another like family. Despite being a large corporation, WW Clyde has successfully cultivated a tight-knit atmosphere that Lance says is hard to find in today’s world.

“I’ve been just blown away that it’s just one big family here,” Lance said. “Whether you’re in the Intermountain Division or the Southwest Division, everyone supports each other no matter the distance. When I’m talking to others about opportunities here at WW Clyde, I mention that we have the benefits of a large organization, but we still have that small family-owned, know-you-by-your-first-name feel.” 

Lance’s contributions to WW Clyde have helped him stand out among the crowd of peers and colleagues. David Dean, Division Manager at WW Clyde, believes Lance has made incredible strides since joining the team. 

“Lance is not only very personable and easy to get along with, but also genuinely invested in the success of others as much as his own,” David said. “This quality, in my opinion, truly defines a great leader. His values align perfectly with WW Clyde’s mission, and his diverse background has provided him with extensive experience in many aspects of construction. In his role, Lance excels at mentoring and training individuals, helping them get to where they want to be.” 

Lance has come a long way from the start of his construction career. He’s grateful for the numerous opportunities he’s received to grow and learn from mentors like Rob Anderson and Chuck English. Over time, Lance has discovered his true passion lays not just in providing innovative solutions to tough projects but in building teams based on the right culture. He’s excited to make an impact within the community at WW Clyde.