Fabian Alvarez is a seasoned driver at IHC Scott whose dedication to his craft has made him an important part of the company. But it’s not just the scenic drives that make his job special—it’s the deep connections he forms with his colleagues and the satisfaction of getting the job done right. 

A Love of the Open Road 

“I’ve always had a sense of wanderlust,” Fabian said. “Driving across these rural parts of Colorado and the mountain towns is amazing. Sometimes, I find myself in these scenic, small towns in the middle of nowhere, and I think, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this.’” 

Fabian’s entrance into construction started with a desire for a career that offered both stability and the opportunity to see new places. After high school, he decided to forego college and dove straight into the workforce. However, it wasn’t until he found himself at a dead end in warehouse work that he knew he had to make a change. 

A Career in Construction 

“I wanted something that paid better, and I had friends who drove for a living,” Fabian said. “I pursued my Class A license and began exploring various driving industries. But it was construction that ultimately won me over. I didn’t want to worry about driving in bad weather conditions or chaining up on snowy mountain roads. Construction provided the perfect balance of driving and meaningful work.” 

For the past eight and a half years, Fabian has been navigating various types of equipment at IHC Scott, from lowboys to side dumps and super dump tandems. He has transported everything from dirt to rocks and even massive boulders, showcasing his versatility and adaptability on the road. As a lead driver and trainer, he not only ensures “Performance as Promised” but also plays a crucial role in maintaining safety standards. 

Keeping Standards High 

“In trucking, time is money,” Fabian said. “I take pride in making sure our hauls are completed smoothly and on time. As a lead driver, I oversee our drivers and coordinate with the trucking companies we hire to ensure top-notch service. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.” 

Construction Trucking Manager Kevin Euser trusts that Fabian will always get the job done and his ability to speak both English and Spanish has paid countless dividends. 

“Fabian has been with the company a long time and is a very reliable employee,” Kevin said. “Anytime we hire a new driver, I put them with Fabian for training so he can show them our ways. We have a lot of Spanish speaking leasers, so he’s been extremely helpful there. I can’t say enough positive things about him. Fabian is a great example of what IHC Scott stands for.” 

A Sense of Community at IHC Scott 

Beyond the thrill of the open road and the pride in his work, Fabian cherishes the bonds he has forged with his colleagues at IHC Scott. Over the years, he has developed strong friendships with his peers and supervisors, both on a professional and personal level. 

“It’s more than just a job; it’s a community here,” Fabian said. “We’ve built relationships that go beyond the workplace. We support each other, celebrate milestones together, and have each other’s backs. Working at IHC Scott feels like being part of a family. I’m really looking forward to a future of continual growth and advancement at IHC Scott.”