A childhood immersed in the world of construction ignited a spark in Paul Winsauer that would ultimately shape his career. 

“I was always around the industry as a kid,” Paul said. “My dad had a construction company, so I worked for him during the summers and even during college.” 

Although he initially ventured into the fields of teaching and data analytics, which were more closely related to his degrees in history and business management, life circumstances led him back to his construction roots. 

“When my dad started experiencing health issues, I decided to step in and assist him,” Paul said. “That’s when I rediscovered my passion for construction, and things took off from there.” 

Having gained experience in smaller companies earlier in his career, Paul was drawn to the stability and growth opportunities offered by IHC Scott and its parent company, Clyde Companies, who work together in Building a Better Community

“Here, there’s a sense of stability and support that isn’t always present in smaller companies,” Paul said. “I can focus on my job without worrying about issues like payroll or financial instability. It allows me to dedicate myself to the work and strive for continuous improvement.” 

Joining the company three years ago, just before the merger between IHC and Scott Contracting, he quickly found his footing and proved to be an invaluable member of the team. Paul credits a former colleague for introducing him to IHC Scott. 

“A coworker from my previous company had worked here before and had returned,” Paul said. “His positive experiences and recommendations influenced my decision to follow in his footsteps.” 

As a Senior Estimator at IHC Scott, Paul’s primary focus is on land development projects, particularly subdivisions. His day-to-day tasks involve a wide range of responsibilities, including plan take-offs, obtaining quotes, communicating with subcontractors and vendors, and overseeing financial and strategic aspects of the bidding process. 

“I enjoy the financial and strategic elements of my role,” Paul said. “As I progress further into the bidding process, I appreciate how it aligns with my background and interests. It allows me to apply my knowledge and make informed decisions that contribute to successful projects.” 

Paul has been able to focus on his work and professional growth, and his colleague, Cody Patterson, believes he’s set himself up for success. 

“Paul is a really good dude who has worked so hard to be where he’s at,” Cody said. “He’s become a big part of our team with his aptitude and willingness to do whatever it takes for the organization. He’s very meticulous, detail-driven, and takes personal responsibility for his work. He’s done an amazing job, which is why we promoted him to a senior role. I’m proud of him and appreciate what he’s doing for the organization.” 

Looking back on his career, Paul acknowledges that one of the significant challenges he faced was reentering the construction industry later in his professional life. However, his passion and relentless pursuit of excellence has helped him bridge the gap and set him apart as an expert in his field. 

“I always have new stuff to learn,” Paul said. “I want to continue to grow, and I’m allowed to do that at IHC Scott. It’s great being here.”