IHC Scott is venturing into the aggregates business for the first time with the launch of the Mill Iron Pit in Greeley, Colorado. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for the company, as it aims to diversify operations and meet the growing demand for sand and gravel in the region.

Recognizing untapped potential and the need to explore and seize new opportunities, IHC Scott has decided on this new undertaking to broaden its range of services and products and create a robust and diverse portfolio of revenue streams.

Spanning approximately 250 acres of land with a $4.5 million investment in infrastructure, the Mill Iron Pit is strategically located, providing an ideal foundation to set the stage for IHC Scott’s introduction into this sector. This shift in approach reflects IHC Scott’s commitment to enhancing product quality, increasing capacity, and improving customer service.

In line with sister companies Sunroc and Geneva Rock, the company aims to establish itself as a trusted and reliable supplier of top-tier aggregates, meeting the ever-growing demands of industries in the region. While initially catering to external sales, IHC Scott has set its sights even higher, acknowledging the immense value of vertical integration and internal sales.

Among the customers who will benefit from IHC Scott’s aggregates are industry giants such as Chevron, Civitas, PDC, Oxy, Weld County, and numerous other contractors in the area. This collaboration promises to help fuel the region’s growth and lay the groundwork for additional mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Mill Iron Pit will also create employment opportunities. With a dedicated team of eight to 10 skilled team members working directly in the pit, and the potential for additional workforce during the stripping and mining phases, IHC Scott’s entry into aggregates ensures a positive impact on the local community, generating jobs and fostering economic prosperity.

“With the addition of aggregates to our arsenal, we’re arming ourselves with even more tools to better serve our communities,” said Andy Carpenter, Area Manager of Aggregates at IHC Scott. “This is an exciting chapter for IHC Scott, and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey of Building a Better Community.”

With the goal of “Performance as Promised,” IHC Scott is steadfast in carving out a reputable position in the aggregates market. The pit is now operational with a grand opening event scheduled for July 28, which will mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in the company’s history.