We Value People: Manny Mislan

As a drywell estimator/project manager at WW Clyde, Manny has found a company that values his expertise and allows him to do what he does best—get the job done safely and efficiently. But Manny’s journey to WW Clyde wasn’t without its challenges. 

A Perfect Fit with WW Clyde 

Prior to starting his time at WW Clyde, Manny was looking for a new opportunity in the industry. He was searching for a company that would value his expertise and allow him to bring his team of experienced workers with him. When he learned about WW Clyde’s reputation for excellence and professionalism, he knew he had found the perfect fit. 

“WW Clyde has the best reputation, and it’s not tarnished,” Manny said. “They could handle the workload and the volume of business that I was bringing in as, technically, the world’s number one drywell estimator. I was bidding dozens of projects a month, winning 90% of them.” 

Manny’s Reputation and Impact 

Manny’s dedication to his work and his expertise in drywell drilling has earned him respect in the industry among his peers. Melanie Rogers, who has known him for several years, agrees that Manny’s knowledge and personality make him a great fit with the company. 

“Manny is bigger than life,” Melanie said. “He has a really big personality that constantly lifts everybody up. He loves to share his knowledge and engage everyone in discussions. He’s the kind of person who would be there to help you in the middle of the night if you needed it; he’s just a really good guy—vivacious, larger than life, and always brings out the humor and character in everything.” 

Commitment to Safety 

One of the things that Manny appreciates about working for WW Clyde is its commitment to safety and its willingness to take on tough projects while always providing innovative solutions. 

“Safety is number one,” Manny said. “WW Clyde understand what they’re doing here, and they let the people who understand what they’re doing, do their job. They don’t let egos take over. The company has been around for 100 years for a reason.” 

Excitement for the Future 

As Manny looks to the future, he’s excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead. 

“I’m able to drive to job sites and say, ‘Hey, I can drill tomorrow,’” Manny said. “Customers are going to open the door. They’re going to send me an instant proposal to bid that project because I know the industry so well. They know my value when it comes to estimating in Arizona.” 

Leaving A Lasting Impact on the Industry 

Manny’s expertise in drywell drilling continues to drive his team toward success. There’s no doubt that he will leave a lasting impact on the industry and the company he now calls home. 

“I just love what I do,” Manny said. “And I’m grateful to be a part of a company that values what I bring to the table.” 

With WW Clyde, Manny has found a company that trusts his abilities and prioritizes the well-being of employees like him. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a reputable and professional company and looks forward to a successful future of Building a Better Community with WW Clyde.