WW Clyde’s employees are prepared to assist when called upon. While this culture of social responsibility usually translates into our crews assisting with car accidents on roads near our project sites or in donating time doing earthwork on local parks, we also get to assist on other projects that benefit and build up our surrounding communities.

Last summer, W.W. Clyde Project Superintendent Rich Lowe was asked to assist in a landmark event – the shark tank pour at the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.

In the midst of a tight construction schedule, the aquarium contractor had been set back by problems with placing the concrete in tank walls.  Due to his experience, Rich was called in to consult on the project and spent three days with the owner and contractor to discuss how the team could properly place this type of concrete for such a unique project. According to Rich, it was simply an opportunity to provide an innovative solution to a challenging project.

On the day of the pour, Rich arrived to conduct a pre-pour check and then stood by to ensure the placement and vibration of the concrete was correct. We are happy to note this tank pour was a success!

The world-class 40×80 foot shark tank houses 50 species and 2,000 animals; 24 sharks, 12 rays and 3 sea turtles. It holds 300,000 gallons of saltwater and features a 40-foot walk-through tunnel.

The Draper aquarium opened to the public last week.