Ben Read’s passion for construction started when he began working as an equipment operator in a summer job at the age of 18. 

“I really fell in love with operating from the beginning,” Ben said. “It has really blossomed from there throughout the years.” 

25 years later, Ben serves as a general superintendent at IHC Scott, overseeing the mass excavation side of the company’s operations. 

“I deal with all the big earth-moving machines such as scrapers and dozers,” Ben said. “We do a lot of the big residential work. I help make sure that my foremen and superintendents understand their budgets and production while keeping crews safe.” 

One of Ben’s biggest achievements in his career occurred when working at a prior company. He moved 9 million yards of dirt in 1.5 years with 22 scrapers. 

“I was the only foreman on the job site,” Ben said. “That was a tremendous task and responsibility at the time. I was fairly new in a management role as well. There was a lot to handle, but we got it done, and I was very proud of the work we did.” 

That management opportunity helped shape the way he leads large crews today. 

“It’s all about communication,” Ben said. “Some employees can handle criticism better than others. It’s all about learning everyone’s personalities and knowing how to communicate effectively. You have to know how to teach people in different ways. For me, that has been the hardest part of management to overcome.” 

Despite being in the industry for as long as he has, Ben still believes in the importance of continuing to learn. 

“Through the years, I’ve learned that no question is a dumb question,” Ben said. “It’s important to never shut yourself off from learning new things. I’m still learning something new almost every day.” 

Eri Gonzalez, Assistant Construction Operations Manager, believes Ben has the knowledge and experience to get any job done well. 

“Ben is an amazing team member with an awesome attitude,” Eri said. “He takes criticism constructively and never gets defensive. He is always eager to learn and take on more tasks. Not to mention, he is such a pleasant and approachable person to work with. 

“His expertise in moving dirt, managing budgets, and identifying the appropriate equipment for each project is exceptional. Safety is of the utmost importance to him, and he ensures that every worker goes home safely to their families every day. Ben’s work ethic and attention to detail help IHC Scott deliver ‘Performance as Promised.’” 

Ben’s exceptional work ethic, prioritization of communication, and thoroughness at job sites make him an asset in Building a Better Community. His constructive approach to criticism and eagerness to learn and improve his skills further demonstrate his value to IHC Scott.

We Value People: Ben Read