IHC Scott has been making waves in the concrete pavement industry, picking up top honors from the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). 

Three projects recently collected Excellence in Concrete Pavement awards. 

  • Divided Highways Rural: I-80 (Rock Springs, Wyoming) 
  • Municipal Streets and Intersection < 30,000 SY: 35th & O Street Roundabout (Weld County, Colorado) 
  • Pavement Restoration (Streets and Roads): Denver Airport 2022 Landside Rehabilitation

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to these projects! Below is a summary of each award-winning effort: 

I-80 (Rock Springs, Wyoming) 

The I-80 Eastbound Rock Springs project consisted of grading, profile milling of existing asphalt pavement, concrete paving, bridge rehabilitation, bituminous pavement, and miscellaneous work on 12.7 miles of EBL on I-80 in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, between Rock Springs and Rawlins. 

With trucks constituting nearly 50% of the traffic in this area, the existing roadway was in dire need of repair. WYDOT elected to use Portland cement concrete pavement as both a cost-effective alternative to the high maintenance asphalt pavement and a long-lasting upgrade.  

This is the second project WYDOT has elected to modify several of their PCCP specifications by eliminating transverse timing and allowing the use of non-destructive testing to verify depth and dowel bar locations. 

The success of this project will lead to sustaining a concrete paving program in the great state of Wyoming. 

35th & O Street Roundabout (Weld County, Colorado) 

The most unique aspect of this job was the project’s geometry. Because the intersection experienced heavy use, the project team had to direct traffic through the intersection for the majority of the project’s duration. A 45-day full intersection closure was permitted for its completion. Because the roundabout geometry shifted the intersection to the north, IHC Scott was able to complete approximately 65% of the required dirt and pipe work prior to the full intersection closure. Due to the limited time allowed to complete the intersection under closure, it was imperative that as much paving as possible be completed with a slipform paver. Additionally, utility relocation delays outside of IHC Scott’s control further impacted the schedule. 

The project team worked together to develop a stringless model—modifying a G&Z S600 paver to allow for slipform paving of the three inner circle lanes of the roundabout, something the manufacturer of the paver had previously said was impossible with this model. 

This innovation by the project team resulted in a two-week pick-up in the project schedule that offset most of the previously mentioned utility relocation delays, allowing IHC Scott to open the intersection ahead of the allotted closure duration. 

Denver Airport 2022 Landside Rehabilitation 

The 2022 Annual Landside Pavement Rehabilitation project at Denver International Airport consisted of removal and “partial-” and “full-” depth repairs of existing 30-year-old concrete pavement. This was the airport’s first project to specify the use of Accelerated Pavement Repair Concrete, CDOT Class PRS. 

This project consisted of pavement removal and replacement along inbound and outbound Pena Blvd, the terminal approaches and exits, 75th Ave, 78th Ave, Harry B Combs Pkwy, the General Transportation Off Ramp, and the East and West Economy Lots. Pena Blvd and Terminal panels had to be completed at night, while the remaining areas were to be completed during the day. Additionally, concrete diamond grinding occurred along inbound and outbound Pena Blvd near 56th Ave, as well as grinding at the 75th Ave offramp and Gun Club Rd.