2023 UAPA Large Project of the Year

WW Clyde was recently recognized for its work on the Baker Canyon project, receiving the UAPA Large Paving Project of the Year award at the 2023 Utah Asphalt Conference in Sandy, Utah.  

The project presented numerous challenges, including a high volume of traffic and a sudden nine-mile elevation climb, which historically made Baker Canyon corridor a dangerous stretch of roadway. The company worked tirelessly for two years to add a passing lane, creating a safer environment for those traveling through the area. 

“Our work is not just about laying down asphalt. It’s about creating smoother and safer roads for our communities,” said Dustin Olson, President of WW Clyde. “We have a passion for providing innovative solutions to tough projects, and others are taking notice. We’re honored and grateful for the acknowledgment of our team’s heartfelt dedication to the Baker Canyon project.” 

WW Clyde completed the $34 million project on time and on budget despite multiple challenges. The company was able to maintain a clean work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing social distancing measures and regularly sanitizing equipment and work surfaces. 

Additionally, planning ahead of time was essential to complete work after a winter shut down. The team worked hard to pave and open two lanes of traffic in each direction by the end of the first year to ensure safe travel during the winter. 

The Baker Canyon project was a digital delivery project, relying heavily on machine-controlled equipment. WW Clyde provided the necessary knowledge, equipment, and experienced operators to make the process work well. 

Safety was also a top priority, as the company achieved excellent safety results with a recordable incident rate of 0, a lost time rate of 0, a DART rate of 0, and an EMR score of 0.82. There were no recordable incidents. 

Effective planning and communication with the owner and the entire team ensured that the project was successful. By constructing a passing lane through Baker Canyon, truck traffic can now slow down, allowing faster-moving vehicles to get by without backing up traffic. The canyon now feels much more open, and the traveling public is safer, especially in the winter months. WW Clyde is proud to have made a significant difference in Building a Better Community

Congratulations to the Baker Canyon crew on this award!