I-70 Concrete Repair construction Job

The I-70 Bridge Preservation project is one of the more unique projects that UDOT is doing in 2018-19. The project is using an innovative technique called hydro demolition that uses high pressure water to chip away pavement, allowing the deck to be repaired and repaved while leaving the bridge structure in place. In addition to lessening future maintenance on the bridge surface this project also avoids costly construction of removing and replacing the bridge deck itself.

The scope of work on this major project includes removing existing deck forms from the original install, removing 268,031 square feet of bridge deck surface material using hydro demolition, 3,584 cubic yards of structural concrete, as well as miscellaneous structural repairs to the parapets, and bridge features on 14 bridge structures.
The demolition of the bridge deck uses a high powered robotic hydro demo pressure washer that range up to 30,000 PSI water pressure. Hydro demolition requires a significant amount of water, up to 90,000 gallons per day. W.W. Clyde is using a water filtration system that allows this water to be cleaned up and reused again and again, resulting in both cost and water savings. During the hydro demolition process, crews pump the used water back storage tanks where sediment is removed. The water filtration system filters between 60,000-90,000 gallons of water per day and re-circulates water to minimize water consumption from local rivers.

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