Kennecott Utah Copper Projects

Smelter Kessler Tunnel
   • 8,000 cubic yards of concrete using a mining advancing tunnel form system

Smelter Material & Anode building
   • Minor asphalt work

Smelter EDX Building
   • Minor asphalt work

Environmental Slide Gate
   • 18-inch storm drain slide gate

Mine Ore Sorting Pad & Road Improvements
   • 14,000 cubic yard concrete pad

Smelter Acid Truck Loading Facility
   • Constructed new loading structure and refurbished existing

MAP Oxygen Line
   • 5,200 lineal feet of 4-inch carbon steel oxygen line

Power Plant URS Clear and Grub
   • Clear and grub 19 acres

Tailings Section 21 Pump Station

Concentrator Septic Tank

Smelter Gate Traffic Control

Mine Low Grade Ore Haul
   • Screen low grade ore and construct 240 ton haul truck road

Mine Flood Remediation

Mine 6190 Sewer Line
   • 830 lineal feet of 2-inch & 4-inch PVC sewer pipe

Power Plant Coal Conveyor Replacement

Mine 6880 Pebble Crusher