The project consisted of the construction of 3 miles of 60-inch welded steel pipe through a heavy urban/suburban environment. This project required extensive coordination between the owner, Provo City, the State Hospital, UDOT, residents, business owners, schools, churches, the Utah County Youth Detention Center, Seven Peaks Water Park, and all utility owners.

The pipeline installation required the total reconstruction of 2 miles of roadway with intensive maintenance of traffic, sometimes constructing within 20 feet of residents’ homes. A large portion of the project was constructed during the winter months, which added complexity to all aspects of the work. Excavation averaged 15 feet in depth requiring the utilization of WW Clyde’s slide rail shoring system on the total length of the pipe. Extensive dewatering and over excavation was required in several sections. Numerous water, sewer, and high pressure gas lines required removal, relocation, and protection to accommodate the new pipeline.

The project blocked access to approximately 50 homes during the course of construction. Each home had water, gas, and sewer services that needed to be crossed. Service connections required the construction of 5 vaults and associated interior mechanical piping facilities. Work also included 3 miles of road reconstruction, and 2500 lineal feet of precast wall.

This project was awarded the 2011 Utility Project of the Year award from the AGC of Utah.