Out with the old (pipe) and in with the new bigger and better Olmsted Aqueduct Pipeline near Bridal Veil Falls, above Provo, Utah. This project is very familiar to our team as we had the opportunity to work with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District in the 1990s to replace other sections of this pipeline and also built the tunnel structure over the existing pipe. Our technology team was able to use pre-construction LiDAR technology to aid in design, to using high accuracy survey techniques for layout and to monitor the installation of this new replacement pipeline in real-time, technology is helping WW Clyde to get this project completed per design and on schedule. A small scale mining railroad track and rail car were installed and used to transfer pipe segments into the tunnel to accommodate the 12-foot diameter pipe into the tunnel. The project required the removal of approximately 300 feet of 102-inch pipe within the existing 20 foot by 12-foot diameter corrugated metal arch and replace it with 113-inch butt welded pipe, backfilling the annular space between the pipe and the corrugated metal archway with cellular grout. This project also required removing approximately 880 feet of 102-inch buried pipe below a gravel road and replacing it with 113-inch double lay welded pipe, backfill it with CLSM pipe zone, native trench zone, and a new gravel road surface. It includes removing a concrete vault, concrete bulkhead, and concrete support around the old pipe, and reconnection of an 18-inch pipe. To prevent erosion to the metal pipe, a cathodic protection system was installed for the replaced pipeline. Conduits for future fiber optic and power lines were also installed. Surface restoration and revegetation was then reconstructed to the access road that was excavated to replace the original pipe.