We Value People: Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher has cemented his position as a key player in shaping the infrastructure landscape of Arizona while working at WW Clyde. With his wealth of experience and genuine passion for the industry, Mark has become an asset to the company, leaving an impact on each project he oversees. 

“Construction is in my blood,” Mark said. “I grew up in the farming and ranching country of Montana doing similar types of work, so it felt like a natural fit for me.” 

Mark’s journey into the industry began during his college years at the University of Montana, where he pursued a degree in geology. He spent two summers working for a pipeline company, gaining valuable hands-on experience that set the stage for his future career. 

“After college, I ventured to Arizona and stumbled upon a job doing plan take-offs for a local construction company,” Mark said. “And from there, I never looked back.” 

Mark has been a part of projects across the country, and David Dean, Division Manager at WW Clyde, believes his experience is paying immense dividends for the company. 

“Mark is an impressive professional,” David said. “His involvement in mega highway projects, including notable work in Texas and Arizona, showcases his ability to tackle any project, no matter the scale. One of the things that truly impresses me about Mark is his talent for recognizing the potential in people and helping them progress in their careers. He excels at bringing individuals up through the ranks and placing them in positions where they can succeed.” 

Mark’s experience and skills, combined with his passion for helping others, make him a perfect fit for WW Clyde. In fact, he says it’s the best decision he’s made so far in his career. 

“I first heard about the company through a job ad on LinkedIn,” Mark said. “But what really caught my attention was the positive feedback I received from former colleagues who were already part of the WW Clyde family.” 

The company’s commitment to its core values, as well as its emphasis on creating a positive work culture, resonate deeply with Mark. 

“WW Clyde places a strong emphasis on its corporate values, and it shows in every aspect of our work,” Mark said. “It’s a place where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued, and that makes for a truly collaborative and rewarding environment.” 

As an area manager, Mark’s responsibilities encompass overseeing major projects. Currently, he is focused on the MAZ project, a monumental undertaking valued at $120+ million. 

“The MAZ project is one of the largest endeavors WW Clyde has ever taken on,” Mark said. “It’s a critical job for us, and I’m here to ensure its success and profitability.” 

His dedication and expertise are pivotal in navigating the complexities of these types of ventures. 

“I love the challenges that come with each project,” Mark said. “No two days are the same in construction. From managing timelines and budgets to collaborating with various stakeholders, it keeps me on my toes. Construction is not just about building structures. It’s about Building a Better Community and leaving a lasting mark, and I truly believe I’m doing that here.”