Joseph Clayton “JC” Porter, a driver at IHC Scott, has been performing his job for many years and has learned a lot from his experiences on the road. He believes that honesty and consistency are essential in the construction industry, and that his employer IHC Scott provides just that. 

“When you’re a CDL driver, most companies try to promise you the moon,” JC said. “They tell you they’re going to pay you all this money, but it doesn’t end up like that.” 

For JC, it’s not about hearing promises of high pay and sign-on bonuses. He believes that if a company is truly great, they wouldn’t need to advertise constantly to get people to come drive for them. Instead, he values a company that takes care of its employees and rewards them for their hard work. 

According to JC, IHC Scott is different. They don’t falsely represent themselves and are straightforward about what to expect. 

“IHC Scott really sees the work you do,” JC said. “If you’re doing it well and you’re consistent, then you be rewarded. That is a simple, old-school way of looking at it, but I really appreciate that. The benefits are really good, including the paid time off.” 

JC has been rewarded well throughout his career. However, it hasn’t always been without its challenges. Several years ago, he went through a difficult experience that has stayed with him ever since. 

“I was driving along the road, obeying all traffic laws, when out of nowhere a child sped out into the street on his bike to try and reach his friends,” JC said. “He survived, but it was certainly an unfortunate accident. I learned that even if you’re doing everything right, something can still go wrong while driving.” 

From that experience, JC learned to always be vigilant on the road, to stay focused, and to never take anything for granted. Taking immediate action when something does go wrong is also incredibly important. He believes that accidents can happen to anyone, but it’s important to learn from them and move forward. 

His newfound dedication to safety has earned him an excellent reputation among his colleagues. Kevin Euser, Construction Trucking Manager at IHC Scott, knows that JC’s work ethic and ability to handle any situation that comes his way will continue to pay dividends for him throughout the rest of his career. 

“JC is a hard-working employee who always jumps in and does whatever is asked of him,” Kevin said. “He doesn’t engage in everyday drama, and his production is always high. He’s a hard runner who consistently delivers loads safely and efficiently. Customers always request him back, and he’s definitely worthy of being recognized.” 

JC doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. He loves his job and wants to keep driving for as long as he can, even despite the challenges inherit with the job. 

“I constantly see people texting while driving or running red lights,” JC said. “I wish it would stop, but it helps keep me focused. I really enjoy what I do. I like to see different places and meet new people. As long as I can still drive, I’ll keep doing it.” 

Employees like JC help IHC Scott keep delivering “Performance as Promised.” His commitment to safety as a driver helps him do his part in Building a Better Community