We Value People: Landon Lundell

Landon Lundell, a project engineer at WW Clyde, knows all too well that his job entails more than just technical tasks like estimating costs for projects. Rather, he sees building relationships with people as the most critical part of his work. 

“Working with other estimators, field guys, subcontractors, and suppliers is what I enjoy most about my job,” Landon said. “Understanding where these individuals come from and their perspectives is key.” 

Initially, Landon thought of studying computer science in college. After realizing that he didn’t find fulfilment in it, he switched over to the construction management major and hasn’t looked back since. 

To get his degree, Landon was required to complete multiple internships. His experience interning at WW Clyde proved to be the most valuable. It allowed him to establish connections with engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors while working on estimating projects. 

“As an intern, I went to pre-bid meetings, put together take-offs, and contacted subs and suppliers,” Landon said. “This experience helped me transition into my full-time role as a field engineer.” 

While landing a job as a young engineer fresh out of college can be a challenge, Landon recommends that new graduates remain open-minded and always seek opportunities to learn and grow. 

“Being receptive to new experiences and continually improving yourself is crucial,” Landon said. “There’s a lot of camaraderie and teamwork here. Everyone’s on the same team and will answer any question you have. People are here to make you better. That’s my favorite part about working for WW Clyde.” 

Through his hard work and dedication, Landon quickly became an integral part of the WW Clyde team. 

“Landon’s willingness to take on new challenges and gain field experience has been impressive,” said Eldon Chestnut, Senior Estimator at WW Clyde. “He picks up things quickly. He’s really smart and positive with everyone around him. We look forward to seeing where his hard work and dedication takes him in the future.” 

Landon’s success story so early on in his career serves as a powerful reminder of the crucial importance of nurturing relationships with others, especially when working in a highly technical aspect of the construction industry. 

“It’s just awesome to see and be a part of something that impacts so many people’s lives,” Landon said. “Building things from start to finish as a team is what I enjoy doing. It’s great to always feel included here while Building a Better Community—it’s like you’re part of something bigger here.”

We Value People: Landon Lundell