West Wendover Water Reclamation
WW Clyde & Co. converted the existing extended aeration system to a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system which included modifications to the existing facilities at the WRF to convert to the new treatment process. WW Clyde was responsible for all the equipment installation and architectural, mechanical, piping, valving, and electrical work including cosntruction of new metal building, concrete tanks, installation of wastewater equipment, pumps, retrofitting and repair work on existing basins, yard piping, etc. Major equipment components were Owner Furnished, but WW Clyde performed installation and startup. Items of work included:
  • Construction of new grit trap
  • Installation of new trap mechanism and grit classifier
  • Construction of new influent pump station and installation of new pumps
  • Construction of new MBR building to house membrane basins and other equipment
  • Modification of existing process tanks including converting clarifiers to anoxic basins and installation of new diffusers and airlines in existing aeration basins
  • Installation of new membrane cassettes, permeate piping, air piping, valves, pumps, and all other equipment associated with membrane treatment equipment
  • Installation of new turbo blowers and new fine screens and washpactors in the new MBR building
  • New blower in existing blower building
  • Installation of new screw press, polymer feed in existing compost facility and modification of piping and electrical
  • Installation of disc filtration system in new disc filter building