Ashley Peay WW Clyde

After working for a geotechnical engineering company for seven years, Ashley Peay decided to embark on a new challenge with the WW Clyde family. 

“My dad owns a construction company, so my family has been in this industry forever,” Ashley said. “I graduated with a degree in Geology and was hired out of college at Geostrata, but quickly realized that my interest in geotechnical engineering outweighed my love of geology. I started focusing on civil engineering and geotechnical drilling which led to my love of heavy civil engineering and construction, and that’s why I made the jump to WW Clyde.” 

Working as a manager in the company’s Geotechnical Group, Ashley will be able use her skillset and expertise to manage and grow the Intermountain Division for Shoring and Deep Foundations. 

“I get to create something new in this position,” Ashley said. “This has not been done here before, so knowing that I have the opportunity to grow this without limits is what I like about it. There’s no template to go by; I get to figure everything out. I’ve been provided with support and resources, but it’s been very self-driven so far which I like. I’ve discovered endless opportunities to grow this division of WW Clyde.” 

Coming from a company without the support of a parent company such as Clyde Companies, Ashley has seen the difference that having a large organization behind you can make. 

“I came here and was immediately impressed,” Ashley said. “I love how high tech everything feels, and I love that I can jump on and get technical support right away. There’s always an answer—which is huge.” 

There has been a lot of success in Ashley’s career so far, but it didn’t always come easy as a woman in the construction and drilling industries. She has worked in various drilling environments including geotechnical, petroleum, and mine exploration, which quickly taught her that pursuing a career in this industry requires a certain level of trailblazing. Nationally recognized groups like the National Association of Women in Construction and Women Construction Owners & Executives USA have provided her with mentorship, marketing, and networking opportunities that have helped her accomplish her goals. 

“It was really hard to climb this far, this fast,” Ashley said. “I’ve had to heavily rely on my good personality and networking skills. I know that Clyde Companies is making diversity a top priority with its push to hire women in the industry. I think they’re making great strides.” 

Ashley believes that the sky’s the limit at WW Clyde with so much opportunity for growth. 

“The one thing I really like about here that I’ve noticed is that you get to see the executive staff on a regular basis,” Ashley said. “I’m often being asked, ‘Hey, what do you need? How can I support you? What resources can I help you with?’ I think that senior executives are so supportive and so involved with their project managers and estimators. That’s what makes this company amazing. They all know exactly how hard you’re working because they’re often here with you. We’re not just expected to provide results and they review them, they’re here with us as we create these results, and I find that amazing.”